22 Sexy Gifts to Please Everyone and Guarantee an Exciting Holiday

woman embracing her partner in appreciation for the sexy gifts

Whether you are looking for sexy gifts for your partner, lover, your sex-positive friend, or just a treat for yourself, we have something for everyone!

To explore your sexual side and find inspiration for your next partner join us on Juicebox.

Sexy Gifts for the Sensation Lover

Does your partner love soft things, good food, and great sex? Then the perfect gift for them is something that excites the senses and makes their body feel great.

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For stocking stuffers, try a cannabis lube. Foria offers a CBD lube that can be shipped legally throughout the U.S. One happy user says “each sensation and touch was intensified.”

For penis pleasure, Tenga eggs are a cute option that amps up masturbation play and fits perfectly in a stocking. You can even order them on Amazon.

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Every sensation-seeker loves a good vibrator. The Eva II is one of the best sexy gifts for couples play. It can even be worn during penetration for some extra clitoris stimulation.

A massage can be a great gift in itself. To increase sensation, try giving a massage candle that can be poured on the skin once melted.

Looking for something a little more subtle but still sexy? Brooklinen has a luxe sheet collection in 15 different colors to match any bedroom. There's nothing like a bedroom refresh to get you both in the mood!


For Those Who Like to Dress It Up

Feeling sexy and confident is a huge part of great sex. When considering a gift, think about what part of their body your partner loves to show off or what makes them feel sexy. Here are some sexy gifts to satisfy an exhibitionist or a more modest muse.

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Know someone who loves their boobs? Try giving some nipple tassels. They are so classy you can even find them at Nordstrom.

From wearable vibrators to bracelet handcuffs, sexy jewelry is all the rage. If you want to show appreciation for your partner’s lower half, try gifting a body chain from Unbound, and they’ll feel like a queen.

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A decadent robe is a great way to make someone feel a little extra sexy everyday. Consider a more festive velvet-cuffed version, like this one from Kim+Ono.

Lingerie is a classic holiday sexy gift. However, you can mix it up this year with a plunging bodysuit.

For leather lovers, Etsy has a great selection of high-quality harnesses, cuffs, and collars in feminine and masculine styles.


Sexy Gifts for the Playful Partner

At Juicebox, we believe sex is all about having fun. If you are shopping for someone who loves a good laugh and really embraces the “play” part of sex play, then we've got you covered.

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For a playful “read”, try gifting the Little Book of Butts for someone who truly appreciates a good derrière and a bit of history.

DIY coupons are always a great last-minute gift or you can purchase an IOU Sex Book for a more official look.

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For the sexy gift that keeps giving, try a subscription underwear service or a playful Namasushicorn 3-Pack from MeUndies.


Sexy Gifts for the Kinkster

Looking for something kinkier to give? Then now is the perfect time to buy BDSM gear to take sex play to the next level. Here are some sexy gifts for the newbie or more advanced kinksters.

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If your partner likes being tied up, then bondage tape is a no brainer. It sticks to itself, so your partner never has to worry about pulling hair out.

If spanking is a part of your play, then make an impression with a leather SLUT paddle. It will leave a momentary SLUT imprint.

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Join the pegging trend. Want to explore anal and strap-on play? Then get started with the anal explorer kit. Remember to go SLOW, and use lots of lube!

To really take your bondage play to the next level, then get a complete restraint system. You place it under your mattress so that it’s always ready to go, and when you have visitors, can easily tuck the straps away. It’s even travel-friendly.


For the Knowledge Seeker

It can be tough shopping for a more mindful partner. There aren't a lot of physical gifts that encourage self exploration. However, we've rounded up some of the best which promote personal and sexual discovery. Isn't that the best gift of all?

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Sex games are a great way for you and your partner to learn more about each other. For example, try Truth or Dare cards for an extra fun holiday.

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If your partner loves sex and data, give them a smart vibrator from Lioness, so you can visually see how good that orgasm was.

For the sexual explorer who is ready to try something new, give them a quarterly subscription box from Unbound to continue the love all year.

Last, but certainly not least, the ultimate gift of love and exploration is you and your partner discovering your desires together. Couples are exploring more together by sexting Slutbot, an erotic chatbot. To start sexting with Slutbot, text SLUTBOT to 415-212-6448 or learn more here.