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Am I Bisexual? A Guide to Understand Your Sexuality

It can be confusing to experience non-heterosexual attraction when you’ve consider yourself to be straight. Does a single experience or interest make you bisexual? Would being bi change how you can date or who you are? There are a lot of misconception about bisexuality. Juicebox sex and relationship coaches have guidance to help you understand […]

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Sex Coach Qualifications and 4 Ways They Can Help

Having truly great sex requires so many elements. You have to feel sexy and confident in yourself and have to be able to trust and communicate effectively with your partner. Many of these elements can actually be worked on before sex to ensure the experience is fun and pleasurable in the moment. Consulting an expert, […]

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Gender Transition: How to Support Someone Going Through It

When a partner, friend, or family member begins transitioning, there can be a lot of doubt for everyone. If you are reading this, you want to show your loved one that you care and support them. However, you may be worried about making them uncomfortable or crossing any boundaries. It can be hard to know […]

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Reclaiming “Queer”

SlutBox is all about reclaiming slurs that have been used to shame, control, demonize and hurt women and femmes, members of the LGBTQIA+ community, PoC, and marginalized groups and communities across the globe. We believe in taking the power away from derogatory labels, and reclaiming these words for ourselves. We are all sluts, and we’re here to reclaim queer.

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