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Fun Relationship Questions to Increase Connection with Your Partner

Relationships are all about sharing: your life, your thoughts, your feelings, and your experiences. This kind of honest sharing builds intimacy and fosters trust, helping create a strong foundation for the relationship. When you’re just starting to get to know someone, it’s a great idea to ask important and fun relationship questions, so you can […]

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Things to Talk About on Dates for Easy-Going Conversation

Coming up with things to talk about on dates can be one of the more difficult parts of navigating the early stages of a relationship. It’s totally normal to have date anxiety. Your date is probably just as nervous as you are. This list of things to talk about on dates is a sure-fire way […]

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High Sex Drive: Explanation, Causes, and Management

While many people would consider a high sex drive anything but a problem, if you’re single, or with a partner who is less driven by sex than you, an overactive libido can cause friction of the decidedly unsexy variety. If you suspect your sex drive is too high for comfort, here are some things you […]

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Fun Sex Games to Add More Excitement in the Bedroom

Sex is serious business. Or is it? The truth is, sex doesn’t have to be all steamy, all serious, all Hollywood high drama. Sometimes sex can be silly, goofy, and fun! If you’re looking to add a little levity to your sex life, consider playing some fun sex games with your sweetie. They can lighten […]

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How to Fix a Sexless Relationship: Solutions for Couples

When sexual chemistry starts to wane in a relationship, it can be confusing. When it starts to disappear, it can be devastating. Both parties may feel like they’re doing something wrong, or are somehow broken. They may fear the end of the relationship is on the horizon, and that to fix a sexless relationship is […]

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The Best Sex Toys for Men – Penis, Anal, Scrotal, and Perineal Pleasure

The world of sex toys has long been dominated by women and the gadgets that feel good on their goods. Happily, though, high-quality sex toys for men are starting to come on the market. You can use these toys solo or with a partner to add a little variety and excitement to your sex life. […]

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What is a Rim Job: Tips to Perform & Enjoy Analingus

Analingus (or a “rim job”) is the act of performing oral sex on someone’s anus. When everyone is on board, rim jobs can feel extraordinary, create unique sensations, and improve intimacy between a couple. Because of the natural bacteria that live inside the butt, rim jobs require certain guidelines that are often not necessary for other […]

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How to Last Longer – You Don’t Always Need Pills

One of the most common concerns men have when it comes to sex is how to last longer. So if this is on your mind, too, know you’re not alone. Premature ejaculation — that is, an inability to hold off orgasm until you and your partner are both ready for you to come, is a […]

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