Valentine's Day Adventure

woman and man kissing in front of neon lights

It's Valentine's Day, the sexiest holiday of the year. This is your moment to share some new kink play with your partner or to expand and push some boundaries with play you currently enjoy.

Here are some ways to amp things up this year.

Prepare for Greatness 

A few days before Valentine’s day write each other a sex play wish list. Send each other three scenarios or types of play with a little description of what you’d love to experience. Email, text or even send a sweet handwritten note... whatever works for you! (There will be more on this later.)

Sparks in Public 

So you’re already the adventurous types... or your expanding your horizons. Many folks start off Valentine’s day with a date. What better time to subtly start your kink play for the evening?

Wear something special under your clothes that you can subtly reveal to your partner, like nipple clamps worn as a necklace. Use a remote controlled vibrator or a small wearable butt plug during dinner as a way to be very present about the power dynamics. It’s always sexy to have a little secret just the two of you know. 

Game Time

Remember those wish lists you exchanged? Now you and your partner both have a kinky menu to select from... but you’re not going to tell each other what you might be integrating right away.

Of course, check in before you start playing that you are both on board. Once you know you have the mutual green light, have fun, mix it up and surprise each other! 

Aftercare Ripple Effect 

Playing with BDSM or kink can have profound psychological and emotional effects which makes after care so important. Spend more time connecting during aftercare as you come down.

Find out if there's something special either of you would like over the next few days that would make you feel seen and cared for. It could be a bath together, massage, or special meal. This is also a great chance to expand what aftercare looks like for you in general, even when it’s not Valentine’s Day.