Sexy Gifts for Those Who Like to Dress It Up

feet wearing sequin heels on a stage

Feeling sexy and confident is a huge part of great sex. When considering a gift, think about what part of their body your partner loves to show off or what makes them feel sexy. Here are some sexy gifts to satisfy an exhibitionist or a more modest muse.

Enticing Tokens

Know someone who loves their boobs? Try giving some sequin nipple tassels from Nordstrom.

From wearable vibrators to bracelet handcuffs, sexy jewelry is all the rage. If you want to show appreciation for your partner’s mid-section, try gifting a body chain (discounted to only $15) and they’ll feel like a queen.

Racy Wish List

Lingerie is a classic holiday sexy gift. However, you can mix it up this year with a plunging bodysuit (currently 20% off).

For leather lovers, Etsy has a great selection of high-quality harnesses, cuffs, and collars in feminine and masculine styles.