Edging Your Way to Better Sex

"Edging" what?

Edging is stopping yourself from reaching orgasm right before you go over, well…. the edge.

It takes some practice but, once mastered, can amp up your sex life in multiple ways: 

Give your sex life "the edge"

The basics of edging are: 

This may be easier said than done. You’ll need to recognize the signs of orgasm from your body, which make take some trial and error.

Start with solo play

Here are more detailed steps for extra explosive edging: 😁

1. Start masturbating, however you prefer... stimulate your clitoris, stroke your penis, whatever makes you come.

2. When you feel like you’re about to orgasm, stop stimulation altogether or slow down your movements. Take deep breaths or open your eyes, if you need. Alternatively, penis-owners can try the “squeeze method” by squeezing the head of your penis right before your orgasm to stop the process. 

3. Without touching yourself, think about what got you excited before. Notice how your body feels. Are you tense, excited, sweating, shaking?

4. Start touching yourself again, or masturbating faster. After your break, repeat the steps again. Do this until you feel ready to orgasm. As you get more advanced, you'll gain more understanding of your body's response and control over your orgasms.

5. Let go! Allow yourself to orgasm... finally! How did it feel? Did your orgasm last longer or feel more intense? Notice the feeling and see if edging made a difference in your pleasure.

Tease your partner

Edging with a partner follows the same steps with the added benefit of teasing your partner and controlling their orgasm. 😈

Before trying edging with a partner, chat about it. You could say:

"I really want to tease you during sex. Plus I've heard it can increase the intensity of orgasm. Basically I'd stop stimulation when you get close to orgasm, wait a bit, and then start again. How does that sound to you?"

Once you have their buy-in, you need to make sure they provide verbal cues when they are close to orgasm, so you can stop or slow down stimulation in time. You can help by asking "are you close?" throughout. Bonuses for incorporating dirty talk!

Get ready for some begging! 🔥🔥