Take the Guesswork Out of Compatibility

The key to dating with apps is filtering. No one has enough time to go on dates with everyone, so you need to spend your time and effort on the people who will be the best fit.

At the same time, you don’t want to be so picky that you’re ruling out great people without ever giving them a chance.

Targeted Profile

The best way to start targeting the right kind of dates is in your dating app bio. This is the place to share what you're looking for or genuine information about your personality.

Yes, it will make some people not match with you, but it saves you time and improves your dating experience. It also may sway someone who is on the fence, if they see that you may be compatible.

Consider including:

If someone hates the way you spend your weekends or is just looking for something casual, you're going to waste your time going on a date with them. This will lead to you feeling burned out when it comes to dating faster.

Must-haves vs Dealbreakers

One way to manage this is to have two shortlists: your “must haves” and your “dealbreakers.” Think about what you absolutely need from someone in order to engage with them as well as things you can’t stand. And this list might be different for hookups than it is for life partners.

You can't tell all of this from a dating profile, but consider:

Once you’ve got your (short) lists, you’ve got a rubric for evaluating potential matches. Of course, you may not be able to gauge compatibility until you've been on a few dates together.

Knowing what you want will take some of the guesswork out of swiping, and also give you ideas of what to bring up in conversation.

Trust Your Gut

Always remember to trust your gut. Even if someone looks great on paper, you might not get a great vibe from them when you’re texting or when you meet in person. Be sure to listen to that feeling and trust your judgment.