Fresh Valentine's Frolic

man and woman kissing

There's always a fresh new approach to sexy time whether you’ve just started dating or you’ve been together for years.

If there is a day to put a fresh spin on a classic, it’s Valentine’s Day. Here are some ways to make it a memorable night.

Set the Stage

Hopefully someone made a reservation somewhere or a nice dinner with candlelight is being prepared at home.

Give flowers, share some sweets. Starting the night off with amazing smells and tastes to set the stage for even more enticing experiences. 

Share Self Care 

We often take a lot of time getting all spiffed up for our partners especially on a date night, but it’s not as common that a couple might do this as a collaborative activity to build intimacy.

You can make a sweet ritual out of sharing a bath or shower, gently drying each other off, slowly moisturizing every inch of your partner. Not only is this erotic in and of itself it sets you up for a lovely sensory experience if you decide to have sex. 

Slow It Way Down

A lot of people know about Tantric sex but maybe have never tried it in practice. You don’t have to be a spiritual master to take some tantric elements to heighten your sexual experiences. Tantra (pronounced tahn-tra, with an ahh sound in that first syllable) is a Sanskrit term that translates to "weave." Tantra is many things but a take away that you can apply is slowing everything way down.

Focus on gentle touching, getting present mentally and emotionally and slow movements. Start with a slow massage using a massage candle. It’s not a race to the finish line toward orgasm...sometimes you’re hardly moving at all. If you relax and take things slowly, or ramp up and slow down the action, you can make love for hours, and the enjoyment can just keep building.

Extend The Sweetness

Making a plan for sweetness afterward. Let Valentine’s Day continues deep into the following days by sending each other texts reminiscing about the parts you liked best about your date night and what parts you may want to make a common occurrence.