Everything You Need to Know About the G-Spot

Brittany Spears doing the "come-hither" motion used to stimulate the G-spot
Brittany Spears doing the "come-hither" motion used to stimulate the G-spot

When it comes to G-spot myths, we can start with the name. The G-spot isn’t a spot at all, really, and that’s a big part of why some people have a hard time finding it. More accurately what is bringing sexual pleasure is the whole Clitoral Urethral Vaginal Complex, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it.

What you need to know is that there’s no sure thing spot like a doorbell, instead, there are several anatomical structures working together that become engorged during arousal. There’s as much erectile tissue in the clitoral complex as there is in a penis, which can feel pleasure when stimulated.

Warming Up

Everything feels better once you are aroused. It can take these structures forty minutes or more to fully engorge, and this engorgement and arousal is generally necessary for maximum pleasure, and sometimes for any pleasure at all. Make sure to devote a lot of time to foreplay and postpone any sort of penetration until you feel fully ready. 

Hitting the Right Spot (or area)

The G-spot is often found between 1 - 2 inches inside the vagina on the ventral (aka the belly button) side of the body. When the vagina isn’t aroused, the G-spot can be difficult or impossible to feel. But when the vagina is fully aroused, the G-spot often protrudes into the vaginal canal. It has a distinct texture with “ridges” that is different from the rest of the vaginal wall, and has a round shape. 

Use Come-Hither Motions

The most popular move to stimulate the G-spot is the “come hither” motion. Using one or two fingers, hook your fingertips behind the far side of the G-spot and gently coax it towards the vaginal opening, making a “come here” sort of motion with your fingers. 

Toy Stimulation

If using fingers on the G-spot doesn’t work, consider using a G-spot specific dildo. These kinds of dildos often have prominent curves and a bulb on the tip to help grip the G-spot. The nJoy Pure Wand, a stainless steel toy, is a good choice, but any toy with a pronounced curve will do the job.

Keep in mind that everybody experiences pleasure in different ways. Explore different styles of touch and different amounts of pressure to learn what works best.

Massaging the G-spot focuses on internal penetration which isn’t for everyone. It’s another way to experience pleasure, but don’t stress if it’s not your cup of tea.

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