Individual Indulgence

woman with eyes closed touching her face

Self love is the most important love of all, and Valentine’s Day is not the day to diddle the way you usually do. This is a day to show yourself just how special you are. 

Treat yourself 

If you can, treat yourself to a new toy and spend some quality time with it. Try investing in something completely different.

Need a new toy to explore? For penis-owners, try a Tenga egg masturbation sleeve. For vulva-owners, try a satisfyer vibrator (it’s different because it simulates oral sex). 

Haven’t ever tried anal play but really like the idea of it? Most sex toy shops have anal training kits that can start you off slowly, like these graduated ones. As always... lube, lube and more lube. Make sure to use water based if your toys are silicone.

On a budget? Do your whole self care routine, find a new porn clip, wear something scandalous and take some hot selfies for yourself. Hell, do that even if money isn’t tight.

Mix Up Your Moves

Extend your solo sex session and pay attention to parts of your body you normally wouldn’t. We don’t usually caress ourselves the way we mindfully caress others when we have partnered sex.

Lightly touch your neck, the insides of your elbows, the back of your knees. Run a finger over your lips. Aim to give yourself goosebumps.

Touch yourself as if you were touching someone else and you wanted them to feel an incredible slow bubbling to a boil pleasure that would send them into the stratosphere…what would that feel like? You might be surprised to find a favorite new erogenous zone! 

Pro Tip: Do all of that any day of the year and do it often. Lizzo would approve.