Pegging for Pleasure

Pegging Scene from TV Show "Broad City"

The specific act the term pegging refers to is a woman using a strap-on to anally penetrate a man, a’ la the porn series, Bend Over Boyfriend.

Anal penetration has long been considered taboo. However it’s 2019, and we no longer need to be confined to traditional penis-in-vagina sex if we don’t want to be.

So why are we limiting ourselves to only men penetrating women?

Enter Pegging

Here are some reasons to try out pegging:

Getting Started

1. Get on the Same Page

Before attempting pegging, you'll want to chat with your partner about it to share your interests and concerns and make sure you are both on the same page.

Are you interested in role reversal? Prostate play? Kinky sex? Are you worried it will be awkward or uncomfortable? Set some parameters upfront to put both of you at ease.

2. Build to It

Before trying pegging, you'll want to get comfortable with anal play in general. Start out with just a finger and then move on to a small butt plug.

Practice locating the prostate, which is located just a few inches inside the anus, towards the belly, near the root or internal beginning of the penis. It feels like a spongey button that's the size of a chestnut. You can find it with a curved, come hither motion.

3. Get Supplies

There are a wide variety of harnesses available, from fancy expensive leather options, to affordable (and washable!) nylon. They even make harnesses that pull on just like underwear, so there’s something for just about every taste and body.

For dildos, you'll want to use a high quality silicone toy. If you’re aiming for prostate play, consider a dildo with a pronounced curve. Start with a small size. You can always size up later.

4. Use Lube

Use lots of lube. If you are using a silicone dildo while pegging, you can use an extra thick water-based lube like Sliquid's Sassy lube, which is safe to use with silicone and latex.

Be sure to wash your dildo with soap and water immediately after use. You can also put a latex condom over the dildo to protect it.

5. Warm Up

Make sure you are both feeling turned on before jumping into pegging. You'll also want to warm up the anus by starting with finger or small toy.

6. Go Slow

The first time you try strap on sex, remember that you’re not getting bio feedback from the toy, so you’ve got to be careful!

Try for a position that gives you a good view, use your hand for guidance, and let the person being penetrated control the speed of play.

Be sure to check-in regularly to make sure you are both enjoying the experience.

Have fun! 🍑