Non-scary role playing

couple wearing bunny masks

Role playing can help couples feel free to let go of their inhibitions, but bringing up a role playing fantasy can feel intimidating. Luckily trying on a new persona is already baked into Halloween.

Here’s how to add some sexy role playing to your Halloween: 

Give your partner a heads up

Set the tone for a role play session with your partner in advance. You can test the waters by saying:

“Your vampire costume is pretty hot. We should have a vampire make-out session later. How does that sound?”

If the response is positive, you could continue, “I like the idea of you climbing on top of me in your costume. What would you do to me?”

Not dressing up? No problem. You can always role play as strangers on your next date night. Wigs, hats, and sunglasses are optional. 

Share your vision of the fantasy

What dynamics turn you on? Do you like power play? The mystery of being with someone new? The chance to act wild or demure?

Tell your partner what turns you on. Even better you could start to act it out over text.

Planning the fantasy is half the fun, so no need to cut this part short. Plus it can give you tons of fun ideas for later.

Get in character

Think of a couple lines you can use to break the ice:

⚰️ “I vant to suck your neck”

🌡️ “Doctor, I’m not feeling well. Can you give me an exam?”

☠️ “ARRRRR you ready to walk the plank?”

🕶️ “Do you come here often?”

Bonus points for setting the mood by lighting some candles or incorporating props.

Have fun with it

Role playing is just dress up for adults, so embrace the fun of it. Don’t worry about being silly or looking stupid. Laughing and letting loose is part of the experience.

After breaking the ice, there’s plenty of time to go from silly to sexy… or try being both.