Frequently Asked Questions

What is Juicebox?

Juicebox is your personal guide for all things love and sex.  

What is Slutbot?

Slutbot, our core product, is free interactive experience where you can practice sexting and communicating your desires with a chatbot over text messaging/SMS.

Is Juicebox for men or women?
Juicebox is for everyone! Men, women, non-binary, straight, gay, single, married, or anyone in between!

How do I sext with Slutbot?
Enter your phone number on this page or text SLUTBOT to (415) 212-6448.

If you are having trouble, make sure your phone is connected to your network. If you don't receive a reply right away, try again after waiting a few minutes.

What if I'm outside the U.S. or Canada?

Sexting with Slutbot is currently available in the U.S and Canada. We don’t support SMS outside of these countries right now. Sign

up on this page to be notified when the bot launches on a new messaging platform.

Am I charged for messaging Slutbot or receiving tips?

You can message Slutbot for free. On SMS, standard messaging rates from your phone carrier my apply depending on your plan.

How can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time by texting STOP.

Am I anonymous?
Yes, we do not share your identity with partners, Juicebox’s community of users, or anyone else. See our privacy policy for more information.

How do I share Slutbot with a friend or partner?

Send them a link to this page to have them sign up!