Frequently Asked Questions

What is Juicebox?

We’re the makers of Slutbot, a bot that helps you level up in the bedroom. 

What is Slutbot?

Slutbot is an interactive experience that empowers you to practice sexting, dirty talk, and healthy sexual communication with a bot over text message/SMS. Sexting with Slutbot is a fun way to hone your skills, tap into your most intimate desires, and explore your biggest fantasies in private. 

Is Juicebox for men or women?
Juicebox is for everyone! That includes men, women, non-binary, straight, queer, single, married, and anyone in between. 

How do I sext with Slutbot?
Try Slutbot for free by entering your phone number on this page or texting SLUTBOT to (415) 212-6448. Then, just sit back and relax. Slutbot will hit you up.  

If you are having trouble, make sure your phone is connected to your network. If you don't receive a reply right away, try again after waiting a few minutes.

What if I'm outside the U.S. or Canada?

Sexting with Slutbot is currently available in the U.S and Canada. We don’t support SMS outside of these countries right now. If you’d like to be notified when the bot launches on other messaging platforms, enter your email address on this page.

Can I message Slutbot for free?

Yes! You will always be able to message Slutbot for free. Periodically, Slutbot may offer you the opportunity to pay for extra steamy premium scenes. But the bot will only charge you for premium content when you explicitly authorize it. No surprises. Promise! On SMS, standard messaging rates from your phone carrier may apply depending on your plan. 

I want to stop receiving texts from Slutbot. How can I unsubscribe?

With Slutbot, breaking up isn’t hard to do. You can can cancel your subscription at any time by texting STOP.‍ But if you ever want to give things another try, you can always resubscribe by signing up through our website or texting SLUTBOT to (415) 212-6448. 

Am I anonymous?
Yes! Your privacy is important to us. We do not share your identity with partners, Juicebox’s community of users, or anyone else. See our privacy policy for more information.

How can I share Slutbot with a friend or partner?

Shoot your friends and lovers a link to our signup page if the love is real. And while you’re at it, invite your pals to join Slutbot’s official Discord server. 

Premium FAQ: 

What is a premium scene? What should I expect from a premium scene?

When a scene is simply too good to give away for free, Slutbot may ask you to pay a nominal fee to experience it. Premium scenes showcase Slutbot’s most explicit ideas. Premium scenes tend to be longer, steamier, and sometimes kinkier than your average encounter with Slutbot. 

Where can I unlock premium scenes?

Slutbot will pop the question during the conversation or story. From there, you’ll be guided to either pay for the premium scene or explore a less exciting scene for free. 

How do I unlock premium scenes?

Occasionally, Slutbot may offer you the chance to unlock a premium scene. 

If you’re a first-timer, you’ll be briefly redirected to a checkout page to enter your payment information. Once you’ve paid, Slutbot will follow up via text with your freshly unlocked scene and the conversation will pick up right where you left off. 

If you’ve unlocked a premium scene before, you will be able to purchase premium scenes with a single text going forward. Just reply “yes” or “no” when Slutbot asks whether you’d like to pay for a premium scene. You won’t need to re-enter your payment information or exit your conversation with Slutbot. And Slutbot will always confirm your decision before charging your card.

I paid to unlock a premium scene, but I did not receive a follow-up text from Slutbot and/or I was unable to access the scene I bought. What now?

Don’t panic. Drop us a line and we’ll make things right. Email us by clicking here and filling in your phone number in the body of the message. 

Or, if you’re currently on the Slutbot checkout page, you can email us by tapping “I didn’t receive a reply from Slutbot.” Fill in your phone number, then hit send. We’ll be in touch as soon as possible.

How will Slutbot charges look on my credit card bill? I’d prefer to be discreet. 

Payments for premium Slutbot content will appear as charges from Juicebox or Juicebox It Inc. 

I don’t see my question answered here. How can I get in touch?

Shoot us an email or join the official Slutbot Discord server. We’re here to help and we sincerely appreciate your feedback.